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125th Anniversary Gala

On Jan. 13, 2013, the National Geographic Society celebrated its 125th anniversary and Three of Change produced the graphic design & animation for their Anniversary Gala. The project was particularly exciting technically because these graphics were projected on the interior of Washington, D.C.'s National Building Museum creating a truly immersive experience!  
The Main Center Screen was 86x70 feet high!
Overhead Scrim 60’x45’ feet
Arch Wall South was 120’x30' feet
Arch Wall North was 120’x30' feet

Watch a time lapse video of the 125th Anniversary Gala:
"They hung a stories-high screen from the ceiling and filled it with breathtaking images from the Nat Geo archives. Thus, more than 600 guests dined against a backdrop of playful baby wild animals, the Great Pyramids, exploding volcanoes, people surfing massive waves, penguins on ice floes, and soaring aerial views of forests and deserts."
National Geographic 125th Anniversary Gala
Client: National Geographic Society
Location: National Building Museum