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Buried Secrets of the Buddha

Three of Change proudly brought this archeology to life! 3D visual effects, cartography, show packaging and main title sequence designed and animated by THREE OF CHANGE Keep an eye out for the National Geographic Channel Documentary Premiere, "Buried Secrets of the Buddha" this October.

"At one of Buddhism's most revered pilgrimage sites, a National Geographic archaeologist's team has uncovered evidence that the Buddha lived in the sixth century B.C., much earlier than some scholars had believed. The excavation at Lumbini, Nepal, long identified as the birthplace of the Buddha, revealed a previously unknown timber shrine once stood there, it's walls mirroring more recent brick temples.
A documentary on Coningham's exploration of the Buddha’s life, “Buried Secrets of the Buddha,” will premiere in October, 2014 internationally on National Geographic Channel."

Buried Secrets of the Buddha
Client: National Geographic
Network: National Geographic Channel.